The California School Boards Association Golden Bell Awards promote excellence in education and school board governance by recognizing outstanding programs of school districts and county offices of education throughout California.

From our submission, the Golden Bell Committee has approved a Lou Filliger Golden Bell award with the following protocol: applications in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) categories will be reviewed and scored by the judges.

The finalist in the STEM category will receive a Golden Bell award.

Our firm has committed to funding the award for the foreseeable future. We are pleased to honor Lou’s memory in this way.

Welcome to DFA, LLC

Founded in 2002, DFA, LLC is dedicated to providing actuarial and related services to a broad range of clients, with an emphasis on public sector retiree medical and pension valuations.

Our principles have always been to provide accurate, timely and reasonably priced actuarial reports to clients. Those principles are the focus of DFA. The hundreds of clients of the firm are proof that our business processes work to your advantage.

The challenges that you face every day are impressive. The years 2017 and thereafter are bound to present hurdles beyond our imagination. For public sector entities, we are already preparing for Statements No. 74 and No. 75 of the Government Accounting Standards Board. Complying with GASB OPEB requirements will not be trivial.


What sets us apart from other firms

Aspen Benefits Portal, Cyber Insurance Coverage, Provide actuarial services for more than 50 years, We have the knowledge, skills, and experience comparable to any large firm but operate as a small firm allowing for meaningful relationships with clients and lower fees, additionally, we actively integrate efficient strategies to maintain competitive fees for our clients though our business model.

For all of our clients, compensation and benefits will be discussed at each level of the organization. Our first and foremost responsibility is to report the actuarial values of your programs. But along the way, we hope to provide you with decision supporting facts and a forum for discussion.

Visit our Articles, Metadata and BLOG sections and take advantage of this new content. But, most of all give us some feedback. We want to zero in to your needs.