Postemployment Benefits

Our team is experienced in many areas. Our primary focus has been and will continue to be working with public sector entities valuing actuarial liabilities for retirement and postemployment medical benefits plans. We have a 360 ° approach – define the objectives, gather data, explore alternatives, prepare a report, question if we have met the objectives.

A large number of our clients maintain qualified and non-qualified deferred compensation plans. We have provided retirement plan actuarial reports for more than 30 years. Our direct and indirect compensation experience is both broad and deep.



Most of us have a vision about the future. A strong foundation, growth, processes, tools, rewards and metrics are concepts that we understand well. You know where you stand today, but how do you make your vision a reality. We have started organizations from scratch, managed growth for other entities and handled transitions to new stakeholders. By no means is this a focus of DFA but added value that is available to our clients.



Since the founding of DFA we have performed a very large number of actuarial valuations. We began many years ago to organize and record salient plan features, employee data and actuarial values. So, if you have a question, “Given our plan definitions, type of organization and employee population, how do we compare to our peers?” We have an answer.

Actually, this is an essential tool to aid future planning while coping with the impact of GASB Statements No. 74 and 75.